Brave freeze on Ubuntu


I’m listening live radio from youtube. About an hour, the computer is hanging. This does not happen when i’m using windows 11 pro.

I’m not sure if this apps not compatible with ubuntu 22 lts. But i can listening live radio using chrome and no issue happen.

Could you try check with your web developer of Ubuntu 22 LTS?


@ubuntuclient out of curiosity, have you checked to make sure your Shields settings and everything else is the same between both devices? When I say everything else, I am also asking if perhaps you might have an extension on your uBuntu that isn’t on your Windows 11 Pro.

Also, could you report back which versions of Brave you’re using on both? Are they same or different?

I have compare with windows and same.
The extension that i use only bitwarden.
Issue happen when playing live broardcast from this URL >
The same issue happen on Opera and Chromium. I not sure what is wrong with this URL. Now, avoid to listen from this URL.

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Attach the version.

Hi there,

I’ve been facing those exact same issues with brave and ubuntu 22LTS.
I have disabled the hardware acceleration as recommended by other posts here, but brave works smoothly for some time (best case a few hours) and then freezes.