Brave doesn't give ad rewards

I haven’t been able to get an award from any of my devices for two weeks, I’ve been watching ads, but I haven’t received any rewards. Yesterday, only one of my devices improved.Now such situations have started to turn me off from the browser, although I sent an e-mail, there was no response to my e-mail.

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Would you mind submitting your issue here and we can investigate?

Thank you

I already said that I sent an e-mail, are you sure you read my article properly?

Who did you email? There’s no active Brave Support email that’s being used. They ask you to submit a Support Ticket, which Evan just asked you to do. You’re stuck on talking email when he asked you to fill out the form to a Support Ticket. To ask your same question back, are you sure you read my article properly?

I haven’t been able to get a reward for two weeks even though I’ve viewed an ad, how much more detailed information can I give in such a case that there is no reason for my account to be flagged, I did not abuse it.

Ok, so this was related to your Support Ticket. It looks like they had resolved it. Not sure if closed it at that point or what. At least that helped clarify. In the past, there have been people who tried doing like or even wrote to (which is for Creators, not Users) and then complained when things weren’t resolved. So when I see people say they sent emails, it often is a sign they didn’t send contact to the right place. Yours obviously is different, but at least am explaining to you why I asked about who you sent the email to and stressed submitting a ticket.

Well, there’s actually a lot of details that are important to know when helping. Such as if a person is using a VPN or Proxy? Also to know where the person lives, what their Locale on the device is set up as, etc. Like if you’re in United States but your Locale is set up for Germany (En) then you’ll not earn BAT when you see ads. There’s a lot of little things.

But yes, hopefully @Evan123 will be getting back to you here and perhaps other support can try to track your old case or see what’s happening now.

The Wallet ID provided in the recent Support request is in good-standing. Please DM your Wallet Payment ID for the other device in question and I can investigate for you. Thanks!

I sent you a message, waiting for you to check

I think the problem originates from the region I live in, but is brave banned in Turkey?

Yes and no. Currently it’s an unsupported region in terms of connecting to Uphold or Gemini. But you should still be able to view ads and earn BAT. It’s just that payment will have to be in your browser with no way to move BAT anywhere. This means you’ll either save it in your browser or just use to tip creators. They will eventually allow Brave to connect to Uphold and Gemini again in the future, but they don’t know how long until they add more regions. Until then, only the 19 countries listed at the links below can link Brave to those exchanges.

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold

I can’t see ads in brave beta, I think there is a problem with the applications and will this be fixed?

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