Brave disabled with Monterey OS

Using an iMac and upgraded to Monterey OS. Brave browser disabled after install with message stating that it was not supported. Ended up downgrading back to Big Sur and Brave disappeared. Business bookmarks gone. Wallet gone. Had to downloaded Brave again. Tried finding my old Brave data in Library, etc. with Apple Support and didn’t find anything that new Brave can pull from. Is my data lost? Wallet should still be connected to my Uphold account for BAT. I’m thinking I could just connect my new Brave to the same wallet, if possible? But are all my bookmarks and data gone to where I can’t import them? Also, didn’t back anything up since I figured OS would save everything. I still have all my data except for Brave. Or maybe I nor Apple Support know where to look deeper? They referred me to Brave Support for further help.

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