Brave creators rewards not initiating payout process

i didn’t receive my payout. All funds received were received last month,The uphold account was linked well in advance and I should have received the payout.Please help


@steeven is this an error on uphold’s part or brave’s part? Is this the error that was recently fixed in the nightly build? When will it be moved to beta and stable btw?

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I have Gemini wallet linked, and I didn’t get the payout yet for Feb 2021. Not the first time happened and not too worry, Brave usually get it fix.

When could we expect our payout? Next month?

A mi tambien me pasa igual aún no me han pagado este mes la cuenta se ha congelado y no he recibido el pago correspondiente

Yo tengo mis BAT suspendidos y aun no termina el proceso para que me los devuelvan


Simple scaming process reloaded you are not first and not last. Im gonna wait to next payout proccess if they dony change your scaming policy will say good bye.

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