I can´t login to creators brave

Since 2 days I don´t receive from brave the link to join to creators brave, I also see to spam folder and there is nothing.
It´s something weird because I just create my account in this blog and the confirmation email arrives in seconds
I need to check my page, please how can help me

Please DM the email linked to your account.

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Ok It was sent it, thank you so much for the help

who can help me please? :cc

help me. So is my account. My login email is: dariaeunecie24@gmail.com

@Rakizulamentori Really? That means I’m not the only one, when did your problem start?

yes. I got this error 1 week ago

@Rakizulamentori what can we do? :frowning:

@steeven help me . help me

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