Brave crashes when sending pages to other devices

Description of the issue:
The latest update for Brave fire android broke sharing links to other devices. Now when I attempt to share, the app crashes every time.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open any web page in the Brave mobile browser.
  2. Tap the the vertical dots to open the menu
  3. Tap the share icon (third from right). A share menu will pop up
  4. Tap “Send to your devices”

Brave then crashes.

Expected result:
Brave doesn’t crash - a menu instead pops up with my linked devices to share the link to.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Android 11 build 61.0.A.15.45 on a Sony Xperia 5 III.

Other information
This did not happen on previous versions of Brave. I use this feature regularly and have successfully shared links between my linked devices many times before.


Same here on Android 10. This is annoying as I heavily rely on sending articles from my mobile to my desktop to read later. I hope this will be fixed soon!

@Philo , @pedrojuglar ,

Some time in the last few weeks, here at Brave Community, one person mentioned that establishing a Sync Code at the Desktop, instead of doing that at the mobile device – solved the problem (or at least seemed to):

Thanks. I tried un-syncing and re-syncing my phone using the Desktop Sync ID, but it didn’t work.

Instead of my mobile Brave browser crashing when I try to share, I now just get a dialogue box suggesting that the phone doesn’t recognize my sync chain. The weird thing is that bookmarks, etc. re-synced just fine. So this is definitely a Brave share issue.

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Can you also assign - from the Desktop - a unique Sync Code for the mobile Android device?

That is, all Sync Codes are created from a lone Desktop.

Sorry, I may not be clear on what you mean by “Sync ID”.

On my desktop browser, I have “Device Names” (also viewable on my mobile device), and they are indeed all unique and always have been.

Then I have a “Sync Code” I can view from my desktop. That code is also embedded in a QR code, presumably. And it’s that QR code that I used to re-sync my mobile device to no avail in my last post – the QR code displayed on my desktop. And since all devices on the Sync chain need that same Sync/QR code to talk to each other, I’m unsure how to create a unique one for my mobile device and even if I could, I’d suspect that would make it not be able to talk to other devices on the Sync chain since it’d be unique!

If you mean “That is, all Sync IDs are created from a lone Desktop.” then yes, this is what I’ve always been doing – scanning the QR code from my desktop browser only.

If you mean something else by “a unique Sync ID” that I didn’t cover above, let me know – and thanks for your continued help!

One other perhaps interesting datapoint – I can share links to my phone from other devices no problem.

It’s just when I try to share from my phone that I have problems.

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You know more than I. My apologies; I had run across what appeared to be a fix - in a reply by a member of the forum (not at the following link), and I mentioned that to “sampson” who was participating at:

That was the first of his replies in a lengthy topic. You will find more of his writing in replies 57, 59, 62, and 64.

At that link, “sampson”, plus several other members of the Brave Community, struggled mightily to try and unravel the Sync mysteries.

As I have read among a few replies there and elsewhere, your

“It’s just when I try to share from my phone that I have problems.”

Is what the conclusion (for the moment) seems to be.

If you get snowed in, and have the time, you might try to use Android tools, in order to learn more about what occurs during a Sync effort. Links follow, that may interest (or have leads to more info):

[Mac owners]

Update: Sync Code

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Came here to see if others have this issue. I do too. Here’s a 10 sec screen capture (Samsung S10):

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Experiencing this as well with the last two updates of Brave on my Pixel 5. Before that there was no issues and I am able to send to the phone or other device from my desktop browser in Windows.

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I saw an update of Brave pushed in the playstore. It is 1.35.101, same crash issue when trying to share to other devices from phone (sending to phone from desktop is just fine, as before).

I have this problem too

This is a known issue that is already being addressed by the team and should be fixed in the next browser update:


Thanks for the response and link!

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I’ve got the same issue since the last few days.

I just got 1.35.103 and the issue is fixed.

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Ditto - update to 1.35.103 fixed the issue for me, too!

Sending to the phone from desktop is still fine, and sending from the phone works and doesn’t crash the browser.

Thank you @Mattches!


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