Brave crashes on startup, tried everything I could find online to no avail

Description of the issue: Brave crashes on startup after 1 - 180s
How can this issue be reproduced? Opening brave, it crashes everytime
Expected result: No crashing

Brave Version( check About Brave): regular version:, beta:, both crashing

Additional Information:
I switched to brave around half a year ago. I used to use the regular version until this issue happened, tried things back then, nothing worked. Had to switch to the beta version to get it working again. Well, today the issue came back on the beta. I tried everything from disabling hardware acceleration, disabling sync, deleting the brave bookmarks and preferences file… nothing worked. I really loved brave for everything, but this is too big of a showstopper imo. From what I know this issue has been around for a long time, and fixes were released, but maybe the root cause wasn’t addressed properly?

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