Brave Community Support is Matchless. Thank You Asad!

Happy Friday Everyone,

I am a new member to the Brave family joined Brave a couple of days ago. I would like to share my experience so far and want to thank Asad specially for his outstanding contribution for the community. I found that Asad is approachable and gave quick resolution to my query. I found all the community moderators of Brave extremely helpful and setting up good example for others to follow. I want to thank all of you for making it one of the best community i have joined so far.

Thank You Team Brave.



@Asad Thank You for the help. You are doing an Awesome Job!!


I second that sentiment. Brave is great, and the issue I had with streaming was easily resolved within a day by following the advice of a community member. Y’all rock! :smile:

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Thank you so much @Amythography! It really makes my day to get such nice feedback. I want to keep the Brave family as happy as possible :slight_smile:


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