Brave Browser Stopped working

When I click on Brave Browser icon on desktop nothing happens.

I just downloaded and reinstalled the latest version from the website on 01/27/2019.

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Can you tell me which version of Windows you’re using? Additionally, is this the first time you’ve installed the browser on this machine?

Additionally, can you try launching the application from the terminal, using the start brave.exe command?

Brave browser not working. All i get is an AW SNAP. I use Windows 10. Tried reloading and launching through the exe. and nothing.

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I get the same. Downloaded this to support one of my favorite YouTube channels and all I get is Aw Snap and nothing. Totally unusable.

@DocBob @KKatQ68,
Can either of you confirm for me whether or not you’re using Semantic Anti-virus software on your system?

No. I have McAfee and PC Matic

Windows Defender and PCMatic

@KKatQ68 @DocBob @bbrougcpa,
Would any of you be willing to share a short screen recording of the behavior so I can get a clear visual of what’s going on as you see it on your end?


Is that a McAfee extension installed in the browser, or is that notification on your system itself?

Sorry for the trouble,what about an extension conflict, and also delete your browsing data; configure it at browser end session!

having the same problem. I havent gotten any responses in my post.

Brave only works after i restart computer like it’s the 1990s and my browser has had too many clicks or something. I use windows 10 and i dont have any protective programs interfering with Brave.

I saw someone in this post say to delete browsing data. Umm no. I shouldnt have to do that. If this browser is so bad i have to delete my browsing data after just a few uses of brave in a day, i dont want it lol.

In short: I open brave no problem. After “x-ing” out of Brave a few times throughout the day/night, eventually it just stops opening and i have to restart the computer. I thought the 90s were over lol.

When i click on the Brave icon, The McAfee balloon pops up. But only with Brave.

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