Brave browser stable offline installer for Windows PC

I request to team Brave browser to provide offline installer of stable version of Brave browser for Windows PC both 32 and 64 bit.
Android version comes with built in ad-block and tracker blocker but Web page opens faster as compare to other Android Chromium browsers like Google Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge with no download and upload problem, I am pretty impressed. That’s why you achieve more people trust.
Now in case of Windows, only nighty build offline installer available on your github page which is unstable.
I want to install Brave browser on many other computers without waste extra Internet data.
Due to slow internet connection, I unable to use online installer because download fails many time.
Now again I request to team Brave browser to show your “brave” and provide offline installer as soon as possible.

You also can find other release channels (Release, Beta and Dev) on GitHub. Here’s the link for the latest stable release

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You can find offline files here

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