Brave browser making Duck Duck Go unstable on chromebook

Using the touch pad on a Chromebook In Duck Duck Go after installing Brave Browser causes the mouse computer to select objects at random when you only want to scroll past them. It makes Duck Duck Go completely useless to use. The problem happens in both browsers but more so in DDG. This does not affect Chrome browser at all. It also does not affect the touch screen just the touch pad. Running Chrome OS Ver. 94.0. Both DDG and Brave are excellent Web Browsers but I will uninstall Brave in favor of DDG if this cannot be fixed. This happened a few weeks ago and I thought it was because of a new version of Chrome OS (and it may be) but my Chromebook was running slowly so I did a Power Wash on it to speed it up. I’ve been running the Chromebook for three weeks with DDG without problems and today I installed Brave and it started again so it is definitely related to Brave being installed on the Chromebook. That’s all I can think of at the moment.


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