Brave Browser Issue on Intel Evo Laptop – Seeking Assistance!

Hi All

I recently hopped on the Brave browser bandwagon to enjoy ad-free content, especially videos and movies. However, I’ve run into a couple of issues, and I’m reaching out to the community for some insights and solutions.

One peculiar issue I’ve been facing is that when I play videos, the audio runs fine, but the screen remains black. I’m not sure if this is a compatibility issue with my Intel Evo laptop or something else. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem, and if so, do you have any fixes or workarounds?

I’m curious if there’s a way to clear browsing history and data without completely uninstalling the Brave browser. I want to maintain a clean browsing experience but without losing all my preferences and extensions. Is there an option within the browser to achieve this?

Thank You In Advance

Thanks for reaching out to us.

For this, can you please try disabling Hardware Acceleration (Settings --> System --> Hardware acceleration) and test again to see if videos then play normally?

There are several ways to achieve this:

Since you’re looking to do this frequently, I’d recommend using the Clear data on Exit option.

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