Brave Andriod Crashes Evertime

Description of the issue:
At first, after linking Rewards to ZebPay, Brave Android Nightly was crashing everytime at launch. I waited for next update to happen in Nightly but that didn’t fix the issue. I tried to reproduce the issue in Release version and now Release version is crashing bad as well and has become unusable. A real pain.

The issue seems to be related to rewards-internal page…

How can this issue be reproduced?
I had upwards of 10 group tabs with UI heavy web-pages opened in both Nightly and Release.

  1. Go to brave://rewards-internals/ > logs > Refresh
  2. Switch to some other tab of a UI heavy web-page. In Nightly I went through ZebPay login process and completed it.
  3. Switch back to rewards-internals logs tab
  4. Logs tab doesn’t load and Brave crashes

Video attached below.

Expected result:
No crash and logs page to load just fine.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Release: 1.57.53
Nightly: 1.59.53

Mobile Device details
Android 12; Build/SP1A.210812.016

Additional Information:
Since Brave is set to open last opened tab on launch, everytime I open Brave, I think it crashes because brave://rewards-internals/ > logs page fails to load. And I don’t think that diagnostic/crash reports were set to send automatically but anyway, browser doesn’t open long enough for them to be sent.

Release version also crashes in exactly the same way.
@Mattches @steeven Please help.

A workaround to launch the crashing Brave is to use another app and open an external link in Brave so that the troubled rewards-internals logs page doesn’t load on launch and some other page opens.

I did it separately for both Nightly and release versions by setting them as default browser one-by-one. Both are working fine now except Nightly is still crashing on rewards-internals logs page.

@Aman_M Does this only happen when it comes to brave://rewards-internals > Logs page?

What kind of device are you using? The actual physical model? Is it an older device?

Went ahead and opened an issue for this just in case:

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Yeah only on logs page.

I’ve Realme X7 Max with Android 12. It’s about 2 years old.

And I’ve uploaded two crash-repords today.
Crash-Report Id: 7a0d0100-958b-a50a-0000-000000000000 & 630d0100-958b-a50a-0000-000000000000

Here is how it looks in Release version-

The work-around, using another app to open an external link, has been the way out for me.

Thanks for the information. Filed here and we are taking a look:

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Hi @chriscat I have a few tempting questions, if you can answer please-

  1. Why from v1.58, payout message has been changed to not show BATs earned by a user, during 1 to 7 of a month and instead show general payout message? Previously it was more informative and trasparant, imho. #31480

  2. Estimated earnings now show a range. Personally, it does make sense to me to show a range as actual payout almost always differs from total BAT value of all the ads received by a user in a month. But why lower bound in the range doesn’t include NTP earnings and why it adds 0.8x BAT value of the other Ads?

Also, more like a suggestion, since there are always chances that some ads can get stuck and aren’t redeemed/cashed-out in time (like campaign expired etc.), how about the upper bound in earnings range is calculated as total BAT value of- all ads received this month + ads of previous month but reconciled this moth + not reconciled ads of only previous month which I belive is currently calculated as- unreconciled earnings of all time + reconciled earnings this month. This will help with ever increasing roll-over balances due to stuck ads.

Hope I don’t appear unsteady with my 3 component formula. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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