Brave ads are not showing in stable release but showing in beta version of Android

Description:- I’ve been using brave browser for about 3 months on a PC. Recently on android, I also switched to brave browser and have been using it for a couple of weeks but I haven’t got any ads, not even one. I checked and changed every reward setting to get it right but not even a single ads showed. I also downloaded brave beta version and opened it and not even in a single minute I got an ad. So why brave stable version not showing me any ads?

Expected result:- I should get atleast 1 ad.

Brave Version:- 1.22.71(Up-to-date)

Mobile Device details:

Model:- Realme 3 pro
Android version:- 10

Additional Information:- I also read some other community discussion about my problem and there are some reasons that are following:-

  1. Unsupported country.
    Me:- India(supported country).

  2. ads are based on interests(mostly about cryptocurrency)

    Me:- always searching and surfing cryptocurrency based websites.

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