Bookmarking from apps to Brave browser

I must a idiot, on IOS & Mac I’ve set brave as my default browser. Imported all bookmarks from Safari to Brave however example: I’m in Telegram and I click a link posted- it opens within telegram & if I want to bookmark it-only bookmarks it to Safari-it doesn’t ask which browser-it doesn’t bring up any options for Brave. This is the same occurrence for all apps-

So how do I bookmark from app to Brave?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @rtburkie

Thanks for reaching out! Could you please let us know on which brave version and platform you are seeing this issue.

Be waiting for your response!


1.45.1 ( on both Ipad & Iphone. Sorry, I don’t have my Mac Notebook Pro with me but on all devices Brave was installed 2 days ago.

Thank You

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