Bookmark bar wrongly named - and can't change it yourself in Linux

How can I change “Kirjanmerkit” to “Kirjanmerkkipalkki” as it is in Chromium browser?

Kirjanmerkit means Bookmarks
Kirjanmerkkipalkki means Bookmark bar

It’s confusing that the menu has “Bookmarks” twice and it’s actually wrong, but the name cannot be changed by the user.

OS OpenSUSE Tumbleweed latest version (20220708)
Brave 1.41.96
Chromium Version 103.0.5060.66 (openSUSE Build) stable (64-bittinen)

Could someone upload a image of how this menu appears in English Brave (ctrl+shift+o)?

See image below

I changed the language settings in Linux Mint and took this image. I hope someone can figure out what’s wrong. :wink:


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I have researched this so called translation error. This is not a translation error, but a software error!
Is it the case that only English-language Brave Brovser will be fixed?!

I am disappointed with Brave’s poor customer response.

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