Blurry Images when using Brave Browser on Iphone and Windows Laptop

I have seen this issue in posts going back +5 years. No one has ever fixed it. The topics get locked and no one gets back to OP. “New Tab” news stories images blurry on iphone 12 and Windows laptop. Everything is updated and restarted. The images when watching Stories on Brave browser on Instagram on iphone blurry. Stories on laptop not blurry.
Any help out there? Lots of things already suggested in the last half-decade, and I tried them.

Hello @onearmedscissor11, thank you for reaching us out. This seems to be a known issue from Apple. Please visit their community Forum to get a better resolution:

Hope it helps. Regards.

Hey Jorge,

Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.


You’re welcome! Let us know if you still have questions. Regards.

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