Bitdefender shows bravebrowsersetup.exe is infected - Gen:Suspicious.Cloud.4.pz2@amGBCnCP - Unable to download Brave

Yesterday all of a sudden I got an error message that an infected file was found on my computer. After investigation I found it was BraveBrowserSetup.exe. Since I don’t remember downloading it (does Brave auto download latest version) and the filedate was marked as yesterday I tried downloading the file from and got (still get) the same error as shown below

BraveBrowserSetup.exe is infected with Gen:Suspicious.Cloud.4.pz2@amGBCnCP. Bitdefender blocked this item, your device is safe.

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I’ve got Bitdefernder as well. I just downloaded from your link and received no warning. I’m running Bitdefender Internet Security 2020
Engine: 7.84117

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