BIG issue with Youtube & Brave Publisher


I have been a loyal brave content creator for a few months on Youtube. I have referred hundreds of users to the brave platform.

However, there is a big issue that just came to my attention.

For larger Youtubers like myself, we are given custom channel names, and unique urls.

For example, my stream is live 24/7 under a dynamic URL. This works fine. But it is in my streams interest to promote the static link:

This is where the issue comes from. When this static link is used, it is not connected to my brave publisher account. Viewers cannot tip or acquire attention through this URL. It simply defaults to

As you can see in this picture, youtube is the default for viewing my content when this address is used. There is no way in the creator page to add this as a link or source, it simply asks me to log into youtube again and does not register this link is directly streaming my content.


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