BATS lost after wallet check

Hi, I had a little over 60 bats except my wallet was not yet verified. Because the verification is not working.
Today I tried the verification again and it worked except I lost all my bats.
Can anyone help me, please


Same here :confused:
But in my case, it’s just 19 :x

In fact I received my BATS just had to wait

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Me too, it tooks 4 days.

Hi welcome to Community :smiley:

The payout period has started so if your wallet has been verified you will see on your rewards panel that it has reset to 0.
Give it some time as payments take time to process.


I linked my account to Gemini, and my wallet immediately went down from 24.xx BAT to only 5.00. Is this also part of recalculation, or did something happen? In the event logs, it says “promotion claimed”.

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