0.01BAT per ads now 🥺

I received on the iPhone and the mac was not

Same thing I wanted to ask, no adds received this month. What’s the issue ?

Let’s see before the day ends

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I think nothing will appear, something’s wrong.
Same thing happens on 1st day of month everytime ?

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@robin28guingab28, sorry for what you are seeing, that sounds like it could be a bug. You are talking about your “Estimated ad earnings” decreasing right? What OS are you using?

Hi everybody, I just wanted to comment generally. First, with respect to the low ads volume in the last couple of weeks, we know that some of our users were affected by a bug in our ads code. So please make sure you have upgraded to 1.13 if you have not already, and hopefully you can start to see ads flowing again.

Second, with respect to BAT per ad, those prices depend on 1) the current price of BAT, 2) the amount that advertisers are willing to pay in your region at that time and 3) How effective the campaigns are (in terms of promoting what the advertiser is looking to promote). All 3 of these things of course can and do change regularly.



Are you part of the moderators?

And is the ads issue solved generally?

I know it is listed as only one of the contributing factors, but, how does the “current price of BAT” affect the payout of BAT per ad? (ie. a formula)
And how big of a contributing factor is it, considering the significant decrease in payout of BAT per ad and a slight increase in the price of BAT in the same time period?

He is a brave employee.

Correction he is the vice president of Services & Operations.

I guess this could be worse :man_facepalming:t4:

No ads since the new Month

There will be decline in brave users after this months grant if nothing is done quickly…

So sad though

Those are all business people talks. We won’t understand :thinking: their sayings…

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Bat price dropped and still getting 0.01bat :broken_heart:

@jsecretan @Mattches We have to Recieve 300+ Ads to get 1$.(0.01 Bat per ad)

And everyone getting 20 ads per day. It means 20ads×15day=1$.

Dear brave community

Please Have a meeting on this matter. if it was not going to solve then users will left the browser for sure.


I’ve already raised regarding the same :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You done the correct thing. I am also thinking to turn ads off. If this problem will not solve quickly then I will also do like you.


Yeah! It is 100% sure That if this continues then, Many people will left the browser soon.


Mostly we’re waiting for what happens after this months grant :man_shrugging:t4:

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All is well that’s all I can say

No, not the estimated earning. The exact bat that I claimed on phone was decreased.