BAT not available in my area

New to Brave. Would like to participate. Set up in an Uphold account. When I logged in to add funds got a message saying BAT is not available in my area. Does that mean I can’t participate other than viewing ads? My reward icon has a check mark. When I try to add funds and click the log in button it is dead. Tried with and without the VPN enabled. Still dead. Thanks.

Hi @emsko, I’m not sure if you’re talking about Brave ad campaigns (that can accumulate BAT for you), or Uphold, or both, so I’ll just post a few things for you to check out.

Use Find to see if your country has any active campaigns:

If so, you can view more details about them here:

Did you set up and verify an Uphold account, or haven’t been able to? This is a list of regions that Uphold currently doesn’t support:

Thanks, saereV! Much appreciated!

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