BAT function beyond the BRAVE Environment?

As a user who values privacy-centric solutions, I am curious about the potential expansion of Basic Attention Token payments beyond the confines of the Brave browser. Currently, BAT payments are primarily utilized within the Brave ecosystem for advertising and content monetization. However, I am interested in understanding if Brave has any plans or considerations to extend BAT payments across various applications or platforms, possibly through methods such as Al tracking or other means.

I believe that expanding BAT payments beyond the browser could offer significant benefits both to users and content creators, while further promoting the adoption of privacy-focused technologies in the digital landscape.

Are there any plans regarding the potential expansion of Basic Attention Token payments beyond the browser environment (I couldn’t find a roadmap anywhere)?

@succenics long story short, they do indeed have a lot of plans for things here down the road. The first step on the roadmap has been to implement on chain payouts for Rewards, which we’re in the midst of now. If you hadn’t seen that, I provide some links and details at PSA: Current and upcoming changes to Rewards and Creators which you may want to read.

With that in place, they are going to be working on Pay With BAT which will allow people to do things like paying for Brave VPN and all. And along with that will be working with people to be able to have it as a payment method on websites and other locations.

I’m not quite sure your definitions when you’re speaking of “beyond the browser,” as the majority of things crypto and Brave will be here on the internet and using Brave. That said, keep in mind BAT can be used anywhere crypto is accepted.

Oh, and they also are working on games and all where you can use or earn BAT. They’ve been speaking of DApps and a lot of other things. There’s just no real solid roadmap on all of this as there’s been a lot of big changes going on globally.

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With “beyond brave browser” I meant something like basic attention token being able to be used over different platforms and browsers so you would be able to get paid from ads anywhere from almost anything

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