BAT earnings didn't transfer to Uphold account

@Mattches"However, there is one case in which this may be expected. Please note that there is currently a lifetime 4 device connection limit to a single Uphold account. (Note: This is currently a lifetime limit, meaning that even if you have since disconnected or uninstalled a previous installation of Brave, this still counts toward your lifetime limit.)

Any verified wallet or connection to an Uphold account past 4 will not receive Brave Ads payouts, and existing BAT earnings will not be transferred over. In these cases, the BAT will remain in the browser only."

The BAT which not transferable and stuck in the browser, it’s looks like my case, but I didn’t reinstall or uninstall my Brave Browser. So, what it might be, some serious bug, or something else?

Hi @AlanGrid - once the fix for Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account is out, if it does not resolve your issue, then please message me and I can do a deep dive.

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