BAT deducted from my brave browser but i never received it in my uphold account

I have been using brave browser for a couple of months now and have received payments before so i know my wallet and uphold account works ok. This month i was deducted 2,5 BATs from browser no august 6th and never received the payment in my uphold account where did the BATS go? every month there are problems sometimes adds don’t pays now i get deducted bats and don’t receive them. the time i waist on this for a couple of bats doesn’t even seem worth it. seriously considering deleting the brave browser if you guys don’t get this working properly.

Hello. Please, BAT tokens are still in development and are just ‘icing on the cake’. If you don’t want the browser, okay, but the Brave Rewards program is just another cool premium on top of the browser. As for your missing BAT tokens; did you make sure your Uphold wallet was still connected to your BAT account?

Hope this helps!

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