Backup or restore

i need help(restore brave) very urgently,
does the brave have backup or restore settings?

or where deleted extensions data be restored?

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Thank you for your response,

I dont have a Backup for restore.

How can I have the deleted extension information?

Best regards

@farahmand all information is shared there. If you deleted an extension, usually it deletes all information from it as well unless it was stored on the extension’s servers. I provided to you details of where information is stored within Brave. If you had done a backup, it would be there. If you can’t restore to that time period or haven’t done a backup and you deleted, there’s little to no help that can be given.

Thank you for your help.

I deleted the metamask extension, as you said, after deleting the extension, its data is also deleted…if you come up with a way to recover its data, please let me know.


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