Auto-Contribution is Turned On by itself

I just saw in front of my eyes how that happens. Auto Contribution is set to OFF position, and it turns back ON buy oitself. I turned it back to OFF sand in front of my eyes it tuyrns iotself back to ON. I didn’t touch the keyboard!!
You need to fix this, please !!

@Juanvizo this shouldn’t be happening. One thing I’d like to ask is if you can share a video of it happening, if possible.

Beyond that though, definitely need to know the following:

  • Which version of Brave are you using? (Don’t say “the latest,” provide the actual version number)

  • Which OS are you using? (Such as Windows 11, Android 12, etc)

Hi Saoiray,

Thanks for your reply. Brave version is 1.61.101. But it looks like it’s doing an update at this moment. My OS X is Monterey, 12.7.2. This is a Mac Pro (Late 2013 ).

This is the Version after the Update:

Brave V. 1.61.104

Is the issue still happening even after the update?

No, it is not. But I will keep monitoring today, and I’ll report and video rec. if i can, when I see any changes.
I know at this moment it is OFF, how I left it before the update.


24 Hours later, It started to happen again. The AUTO-CONTRIBUTION set back ON by itself.
I didn’t see it happen like the other timers, but It is happening again. It looks like it turned by itself back ON and sent a Contribution that I didn’t want.

@Juanvizo just a FYI, contributions only get sent once a month and is done during the payout period. So nothing should have sent or been done lately.

In regards to it turning itself on, it’s weird. I’ll tag in @Evan123 and @steeven to see if they can check in with you on it.

In the meanwhile, any time you have an issue with things like missing payments or anything relating to BAT, you should create a Rewards Support Ticket at so they can look into it. Sometimes they can refund BAT if they see it was taken in auto-contribution and you didn’t mean to do it.

Hi Saoiray,

I understand your point. Probably the reason I assumed I was deducted another Auto-Contribution was because I received a notification yesterday from 1.0 BAT deductied for that purpose, as I did today too. But that happened only once, and I think every day i login the same Auto-Contribution shows up with today’s date, even if it happened a few days ago.

Screen Shot 2023-12-20 at 1.13.08 PM

That was today’s notification.
On a good update, Today I haven’t seen the Auto-Contribution get turned back ON today. But it definitely happened yesterday.
I will keep monitoring and will let you know of any changes I notice.

Thank you,


And then , it happened again.
It switches itself back ON like every two hours or so

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