Auto Contribute Occurring When Not Enabled

I have had auto contribute disabled on all platforms as far back as I can remember. I have several devices running Brave: MacOS, Windows, Android. On my Windows browser the option to not auto contribute, when I check now, is conspicuously missing. The lowest setting is 1 BAT with no toggle to just disable. I have not had an issue with Brave rewards before the last two months where I have had auto contribute amounts to Brave Software International (1 BAT) occur without any consent on my part.

I initially thought I must have inadvertently sent a manual tip a month ago but now that it has happened on its own I don’t know what is going on.

Raise a ticket at

Share the ticket id so if a team member sees this post it might expedite the process

It might take a while till someone gets back to you since it’s weekend in the US now and team generally works only weekdays.

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