Automatic contribution turned off but given anyway (issue)

Dear Brave,

I installed Brave on 2020/12/01 and yesterday I received my first funds, it is displayed on my Uphold’s account. Neverthless, also I can see the transaction of “You sent 8.50 BAT to @BravePublishers ” It would be ok, but the issue here is that I have the option of “Automatic contribution” turned off. I chose it on the first day I installed Brave. I studied the Brave browser options, even I took a look at the forum and some information in order to understand the browser’s purpouse and the way it works. So I expected to receive my complete funds not a part of them.

I have a Youtube channel about internet and technology endencies and I tried Brave in order to get the awesome experience everyone is talking about, and I was hoping to receive my funds in order to end the video I was about to publish. But instead this strange behaviour took place.

Please your prompt support,


@marcosoyola, hi dude, I guess you are not using the sync feature therefore there’s not other devices with the auto-contributions enabled.

how much was your pending rewards and how much bats did you got?

Hi, I’m attaching a screenshot of my uphold account. There you can see what I received and what was taken by the auto-contributions.

Both of my devices have the auto contribution setting “off”. And they are using synchronization.


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Thanks Brave Team, this issue was solved!


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