Auto-Contribute : Bat sent to wrong remittee : @BravePublishers?


I’m testing brave and its reward/contribute system.

I have got some bats from Brave browser usage.

I have enable auto-contribute and checked one remittee (100% for one website/Publisher).

On 01/06/2020 my uphold account was credited with some bats (those won in december).

On 10/06/2020 those bats where credited to @BravePublishers .

Is this the normal flow as the remittee set in auto-contribute ( a website) has nothing to do with BravePublishers ? Or, BravePublishers is the name for all publishers and the website set as remittee will be credited in next days ?



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Thanks for reaching out to us.
Apologies, but can you clarify what exactly “remettee” means?

I have corrected the spelling : remettee -> remittee

The bats have been credited in my Brave creator account (so @BravePublishers is used for every publishers/creators) :

balance_creator_brave_browser .

But nothing yet on the Uphold site creator card :


Is it the same case as “auto-tipping” (Tips on my website not working)?

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