Any way to link home page to mobile bookmarks?

I have set the Chrome home page to chrome-native://bookmarks/#3 and it leads to mobile bookmarks.

Any way to do this with current Brave (Android) version?

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.57.50, Chromium 116.0.5845.96

Mobile Device details
Android 13; Build/TP1A.220624.014

That exact method will work in Brave as well — enter the exact same address as you do above for the homepage and enjoy!

No, it doesn’t work. It ends up to google search.

I just did this myself and it works as intended. Where did you enter the information? You should be entering this address in Settings --> Homepage:

Ah, thank you.

I tried it straight from the url bar, it seems to behave differently then. Set it to home page from settings and it works.

Thank you!

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