Anti adblock site report

There is an anti adblock pop up in this site:

Thank you for all of yours hardwork, Brave developers!

V1.39.115 Android

Edit: I am also using Adguard DNS for default. The site don’t shows any adblock pop-up when I turned off the Brave Shields. There are just empty spaces instead of ads.

Edit2: I found something really strange. While I am using the default Adguard DNS ( and with Brave Shields off, the pop up remains still. But when I changed to “” with Brave Shields off, there is not pop up.

Thanks for the report, give it 24hrs. a fix is incoming @AverageBraweEnjoyer

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Thank you too. But the site is still the same :confused:

Seems fine here @AverageBraweEnjoyer Just force an update Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.1320 in brave://components

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