Alphabetizing Bookmarks

Is there a way to sort bookmark folders alphabetically?

@rkulovany it often helps if you can provide some extra details, such as which OS and version of Brave you’re using. I mention this as instructions or screenshots shared will differ depending on whether you’re on iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.

That said, you can sort by name on Desktop, but you can’t undo the sort once you do it. Also important is anything new you add won’t be sorted automatically, so it will appear on bottom until you sort again. It’s just strictly A-Z. You go to your bookmarks manager, brave://bookmarks/, and then click on the hamburger menu image that is on the upper right. From there, choose to Sort by name.

That said, if you look at Bookmarks from your sidebar (you can open with Ctrl + B or by clicking on the sidebar button image and this will be a different view of all your bookmarks.


You can choose to sort those in a variety of ways, as you can see below:


Just keep in mind that whatever changes you make in the Sidebar portion in regards to sorting won’t be replicated in your Bookmarks Manager.

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