Allow subscribing to custom ad block filters

Would be nice to subscribe to custom ad blocking filters.

Brave just doesn’t block enough ads and you can’t do much about it other than install another adblocker which defeats the point of having an adblock built it. Would be nice to be able to select different ad block filters.

The list of available filters right now that you can pick from are mainly just foreign text ad blockers and 2 annoyance filters, not a choice of other ad blockers that you can subscribe to such as adguard, easylist etc. There are lots of ad block filters available.

Right now you have to copy paste the whole custom filter in a text box every time it updates which isn’t viable.

Would be nice to type a url and have it automatically update the filters.

Also would be nice to have a forum or place to report sites with missed ads that weren’t blocked.


What ads are you seeing, using Shields + the optional lists? Please copy-paste the URL’s, so we can check.

Well firstly there are ones brave doesnt block by default, I can’t remember the term, something like 1st something ads, ie google, yahoo ads etc. So on google search you see ads at the top, yahoo mail, you see ads in mail etc.
The ads brave doesn’t block by default but a third party filter will. I would like to block all ads so I either need a filter I could subscriber to or use a third party ad blocker

Then some sites are totally missed. I haven’t got a full list yet, but here is one. It has empty space all over where it doesn’t block the ad but leaves these squares all over which are the same as having an ad

Would also be nice to have a place to report sites that have missed ads.

I am sure I could get a list together of missed sites but I have chronic illness so when I feel well isn’t that well so I can try when I feel ok but that isn’t often.

If you mean Google ads at the top and at the bottom of a Google SERP, IIRC Brave’s policy was not to block non-tracking ads (or cookies) generated by non-third-party hosts (i.e. by the website you’re visiting itself). Google ads are usually blocked, but in the case of a SERP you are actually visiting a Google’s website, so they’re not third-party ads; Google’s trackers are blocked anyway. However, I don’t know if this policy has changed in the meantime.

As for the gray rectangles that don’t get removed after blocking the ads in that page (if I understand correctly), did you try uBlock Origin? I can’t try right now because I’m using a phone.

yeah I know that is what I said that Brave aren’t supposed to block those ads, that is why I was suggesting as a feature request that it would be nice to be able to subscribe to third party filters under “additional filters” or custom ones by adding the url of filters I would like to use that will block them.

I don’t have ublock installed no as I mentioned in my other posts, I was wanting to use brave to be an adblocker itself.
Yep that or any other will block the ads on that site, but brave is not so that is why I am linking it as a missed ad as brave should block it but isn’t.

I prefer adguard myself, but I would rather just use brave and that doesn’t block the ads on that site I linked which is a missed ad so no idea where I am supposed to report that?
Plus as it misses first party ads by choice, would be nice to subscribe to custom filters that would block them.