Allow New Line Input for Leo Sidebar

I’m guessing this is a bug or oversight, but please allow using Shift+Enter to go into new line for Leo sidebar.
Currently, when you try to add something as new line, it’s just accepting enter and sending it to Leo and you are unable to stop Leo to answer (which I will suggest as a feature in another thread) This is an UX antipattern.

How to replicate:
Go to Leo, write something like “Summarize this:” and Shift+Enter (which should add a next line) but you will see that Leo will accept Summarize this as it’s input.

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Also making it so that the user can slightly scroll up a little to start reading the response before Leo has finished writing would be a great feature. I think printing each word 1 by 1 is a bit silly regardless, but especially when you have to wait a couple of seconds to beable to actually read the response

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This is now resolved with Mistral update (
Version 1.62.153). Thank you!