Autofocus in the Sidebar - Bookmarks and Leo

When I open the Sidebar with Leo as the current panel, Leo’s query prompt receives focus so I can start typing right away. This is great! But when I open the Sidebar with Bookmarks as the current panel, I have to click into the search box before I can use it. Not great! And when I use the buttons to switch between the two with the Sidebar open, Leo’s query prompt does not receive focus. Not great, and a bit weird.

As far as I can tell, Chromium prevents autofocus in Sidebar extensions, which definitely makes for a bad user experience. It ought at least to be enabled when a Sidebar extension is opened via its own toolbar button, and arguably when the Sidebar is opened with its own button. Except for when the user switches tabs with the sidebar open, autofocus makes sense.

Since the Brave Developers have presumably encountered this issue, have they raised it upstream?

And can we have autofocus in the Sidebar Bookmarks panel please?

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