More Infos for the consentblocker

**Description of the issue: The browser asks to block consent popups, but there is no information about whether the browser rejects the consent questions, confirm them, or does anything else with them.
To make a reasonable decision, you should inform the user about what you are really doing. Thank you.

**Brave version (check About Brave): v1.45.118 (Nov 2nd, 2022)

@BrveUsr It tells you exactly what it does, it blocks them. It doesn’t accept or reject, it just stops them from appearing and having a choice.

Btw, they do have information about it in articles and all too, such as the one below:

Thank you for your answer an the link. That was what I was missing.
For someone who reads the privacy letter you linked, it is explaning it but since there is no link to that letter on the popup message it does not make it clear. Blocking could also mean blocking it and rejecting the cookies, because there are sites that collect data until the cookies are rejected. Just blocking the consent-banner and not rejecting them might not be so wise.
So I suggest to integrate your privacy letter link in the popup reminder.

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