All creators show up as not configured to receive contributions


On my browser, all websites show the following banner:

This Brave Verified Creator has not yet configured their account to receive contributions from Brave Users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until they complete this process. Learn more.

This includes websites like, wikipedia, and all other websites.

My home page says:

You’ve designated NNN BAT for creators who haven’t yet signed up to receive contributions. Your browser will keep trying to contribute until they verify, or until 90 days have passed. Learn more.

How can I fix this so that I can contribute to users?

I have a verified Gemini wallet and I have added additional funds.

Thank you for reaching out. Can you please tell me what Brave version and OS you’re using at this time? Additionally, in the Rewards panel where you see this banner, can you click Refresh status and see if this changes anything?


I’m on Ubuntu 21.04 with Brave 1.29.81 Chromium: 93.0.4577.82 (Official Build) (64-bit). When I press Refresh status, it doesn’t do anything.

Thank you!

When you say it doesn’t do anything, you mean you click on it and nothing happens at all? Or does it appear to try refreshing but still says unverified?

I click it and it appears to be refreshing, but it ultimately doesn’t show up.

A friend has the same problem with her Windows laptop on the same network. Does a certain port need to be unblocked to access this?

Hi @aofh, can you go to, then open the Rewards/BAT dropdown panel, and take a screenshot of what you see? We want to see if shows as verified to you or if it doesn’t show as verified.


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Here are some screenshots:

Any updates or any way I can help troubleshoot this?

We are seeing the same exact thing as aofh after following all the suggested checks and steps, to the letter.

The community would appreciate an update on this issue.

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Any updates on this?

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