Add visual accelerator keys for right-click context menu on a hyperlink

Accelerator keys actually do work but there is no visual underlining of a letter for each link. This is a common practice and I’m not sure why it isn’t in this browser by default.

For example, in Firefox, right click on a url and you can press ‘l’ to copy a link without navigating the cursor to it.

A bunch of trial and error is required to figure out each letter as I see no documentation for this in this browser.

Thanks for reaching out.
I actually don’t see this in Firefox either:

None of these keys are underlined and further, right-clicking then hitting a specific key (you used the example of “L”) doesn’t execute the action. You need to hit the key then press Enter. Also of note, hitting “L” after right-clicking on a link actually highlights the Open link in New Private Window option.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the behavior you’re describing here?

Here’s a screenshot from Firefox.

Not sure what type of theme you’re using but the accelerators are there and work as I’ve already described. Accelerators are nothing new and should be visible where appropriate.

Apologies, it looks like you’re using Windows — these context menu keys are only highlighted on Windows and also only in Firefox. Checking in and Chrome, Opera, MS Edge, none of these include the highlighted letters shown in Firefox.

As such I’ve moved your feedback report here into the Feature Request section and passed it on internally for review.

Thank you for reporting.