Add support for MacOS 14+ Airpods Pro Mute API

Feature Description
Add support for Apples new Mute API, to enable muting Apple Air Pods during online calls like Google Meet, Zoom Web.

Why this should be implemented
One of the most annoying things during meetings is the need to click a UI button instead of utilizing the option to mute your headphones by using the button on the device itself.
This will ease the users experience during those calls.

Additional references for similar feature inside the Zoom App:

Current State
Right now, as soon as you try to mute your headphones during a Google Meet you will see the following notification popping up. See the following screenshot.
Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 10.05.14

Desired behaviour

  • Brave supports the new API, Apple has provided for macOS 14+
  • During a Goole Meet/Teams/Zoom call (using the Webpage through Brave) the touch controls at the AirPods can be used to mute/unmute the mic.

Thanks a lot for reading this :slight_smile:

Best Jakob