Active Tab Visibility, yet again…

  An old issue, never properly resolved, has come to the fore, again.

  Here’s my original post from more than four years ago…

Continuing the discussion from Active Tab in Private Window not Distinctive Enough…:

  The solution, then, was to enable a tab-grouping feature.  It was the case, then, that in grouped tabs, the color line to indicate the groups behaved differently on the active tab, making it easy to see which tab was active.

  Without initially knowing why, I was recently finding it, once again, difficult to see which tab, especially in a private window, is the active tab.  On taking a more careful look, I realized that the grouping feature no longer does what it used to, to help highlight the active tab.  Once gain, I am left with only a slight change in tone to distinguish the active tab from the others, and the contrast is not sufficient to make it as obvious as it should be.

  I am now also noticing a similar issue in a normal, non-private window, as well; the active tab is not sufficiently different from the non-active tabs.

  The correct fix, that ought to have been done more than four years ago, when I first reported this issue, would be to make the active tab, in some very clear, obvious, visual way, different than the inactive tabs.  The way that the grouping feature used to highlight the active tab, if it was in a group, was an excellent way to do this.  I do not know why this was changed, but even so, one shouldn’t have to depend on a kludge like this to do what there is no excuse for the browser to not do naturally.

  So, I am asking, once again, please fix the browser to correct this bug; so that it is always obvious which tab is the active tab; distinguished by something better than a subtle change of color or brightness.

  I note that in the time since my previous thread was started and closed, at least two other threads have been started and closed, with the same, complaint that I have, never resolved.  [Correction:  I see that one of those threads is even older than mine.]

  An old Spanish proverb says, “If three men say you are an аѕѕ, put on a bridle.”  Regarding this particular defect, three men have, on three different unrelated occasions, called it out and asked for it to be fixed.

  I cannot, for the life of me, think of any reasonable excuse for this bug to remain, so long after it was first called out.  I can think of no excuse for it to not have been fixed when I called it out more than four years ago.

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I very much appreciate being able to use Brave but I am left perplexed as to why something like this thread is being left undone. Its got to be obvious to anyone using Brave that this is something that would make useability better. Is the idea to keep asking and eventually it will be dealt with? Should we just keep replying to this thread to keep it open? It is unconscionable to close this thread without it being rectified especially as it has been open for so long.

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