Active Tab in Private Window not Distinctive Enough…

I have a simple cosmetic complaint,and wonder if there’s an easy solution.

In a Private Window, with many tabs, the active tab looks only slightly different from the others, making it difficult to tell which tab is active. Is it possible to change the color scheme just in private windows, so that the active tab has a more prominent contrast from the other inactive tabs?


Testing on my end, I think I agree:

Its pretty easy to tell when tabs are at “close to regular” size but once they start shrinking I can see how it may be easy to miss. I’ll forward this information to the design team to review and address. I do have a workaround that may help you in the interim if you’re interested. You’ll have to flip a flag in order to do it, but you’ll essentially be enabling “tab groups” functionality into the browser:

  1. Type Brave://flags into the address bar
  2. Search for a flag titled #tab-groups
  3. Enable this flag, and relaunch the browser when prompted

Now, when you’re in a private window, you can organize your many tabs by color, making them easier to see and access:

You can add a new tab group by right-clicking on a tab then selecting Add to New Group. You can use the same menu to add a tab to an already created group, or remove one from a group:

If you’re on a site, a ctrl + click on a link will open that link in a new tab, but will also add that new tab, and the source of the link (the site you were just on) to the same group.

Clicking on the group color allows you to give each group a title, as well as choose what color you’d like the group to be:

Hope this helps!


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