Account Review. No Response to My emails after 25 days


I hope someone good give my an update on my account review, its been 11 days without an email response. Could I get an estimate on the time for a reply please ?

Kind Regards

A friend has 7 months waiting for support, do not lose hope, you can go on vacation, you can spend months or maybe a year. I recommend you go on vacation.

@riskyfire your case will be reviewed in the order they received. Review process can take times. Thanks for your patience.

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I’ve still not received a reply from support!

I’m really disappointed at the current response time and its even worse considering all of the effort that I’ve made to honestly promote the Brave Browser.

I’ve just updated the title as I’ve still not had a response from support. It’s now been 25 Days!

I’m here to work and get paid for my effort. I might take a holiday when this is solved!

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Wow, I’m afraid this company is a scam. Are we just waiting and waiting without the certainty of an email reply. Disappointing! While the moderators here seem to underestimate our non-fair suspension complaints. Bad support, not professional.

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This is team is not scam,
System is busy now,

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