Suspension support team not responding

My account is under review. I have emailed at a few days ago but still haven’t heard anything besides an automated response. I have worked hard to promote brave but now I am feeling disappointed with the brave support team.
I have read other members experience on the same and realized they are facing similar issues. I would like to know how long do I need to wait just to get a response from support team?

Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions.

Review process can take times. The team will get back to you after your account be reviewed.

Apologies for the inconveniences .

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Hope for speedier process

This is not helpful at all.

How many days, weeks or months? it’s been 5 days already


It’s almost a week for me so far. No official estimated response time just when ever they get back us!

keep checking your account, my issue was resolved!


May I know how long your issue got resolved? Today, they suspended my account too after getting thousands referrals. It’s really hurt and very disappointing as I promoted Brave referral links accordingly to real humans.

around 2 weeks they resolved my issue and restored my account. You can wait 2-3 weeks then try to contact support again!

I doubt that’s not true, I think this company wouldn’t pay my earnings. The moderators here don’t care about my complaint and not professional. There hasn’t been any email reply from the official support. I am afraid it’s the way this company scam people. I’m disappointed and would never forget this.

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