Account Flagged why?

Briefly describe your issue:
I’ve noticed now that for months I haven’t received brave rewards even though I had already verified and opened a uphold account, at first everything was going fine but I guess I only received payment for a couple of months, how can I recover all that BAT that wasn’t paid to me?

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?
Windows 10 Pro
Version 1.46.133 Chromium: 108.0.5359.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)
I’m not sure, I think right not it’s not
What date did you verify your wallet?
a few years back?
Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?
Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)
Are you eligible for Brave Rewards (see here for list of supported regions)?
Are you on the list of supported regions when verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial partner (see here for list of supported regions)?
Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?
Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to a custodial partner?
I’m not sure, I turnef off auto-contribute on this browser

@duart3000 To answer the question in your topic, it’s usually because you’re doing things that the system sees as suspicious. Often it’s people intentionally violating Terms to try to maximize their earnings or in other ways abuse the system. Even simple things like using a VPN to try to appear in regions you’re not, just so you can try to earn better Rewards or because you’re in an unsupported region. Other examples would be things like using automation to open and control browsers to try to maximize earnings. There’s more to it, but those are two of the more common things that contribute to it.

Well, however long you’ve not received payment means you’ve not been earning Rewards either. A flagged account is a suspended one, meaning they closed it because they think you’ve violated Terms. Sometimes it’s a temporary suspension and other times it’s permanent.

You will need to submit a Rewards Support Ticket if you’d like them to take a look and see if the flag can be removed.

If they reinstate your Rewards, then all pending BAT will be paid out in the following pay period. If they don’t reinstate the account, then you’ll never get it as they will have deemed you did not rightly earn it.

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Hello @duart3000

Could you kindly submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Have a great day!

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