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I mod Elder Scrolls and Fallout and I write erotic fiction for a site. Many repositories and such for my modding are on LoversLab. Needless to say my Erotica is placed on an Adult site. I can not access either and it’s impossible to get an answer in regards to accessing Adult themed sites, only how to block them.

I do not know if this is because I have to tether internet through my phone due to living out in the sticks. I find this unlikely as I can access these sites on my phone.

My phone is on the EE network if that helps any.

Thank you

@Smiphi I’m not sure what you’re asking. Brave doesn’t block content like adult sites. You would have had to add or activate a filter like Blocklists Anti-Porn, have an extension or other program on your device blocking it, or you aren’t able to access for a variety of reasons.

All in all though, not really anything to help you with that’s browser related…it all would be based on firewalls, programs (such as parental controls on your device or router), IP address, the site blocking you, etc.

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Rightio. Thank you.

I’m guessing it’s something to do with having to tether with EE. Never had the problem with other networks.

Thanks again

Possibly related to

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I can access the sites on my phone which is why I’m baffled. In saying that I’ve never locked in to my EE on the computer I’m trying to access these sites. I shall try once logged into there.

thanks again

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