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Hello. I’m an old Brave user and I’ve been having a problem lately. For about 3 months I have not received ABSOLUTELY any ads, only in case I logged out and then logged back on windows (win + l). I reinstalled the browser repeatedly and watched all the instructions I found on the internet. Can someone help me?


Same here since months now…

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Yep. Same here. The only thing we can do (as far as I know) is wait and hope things get fixed…If it gets fixed at all… :man_shrugging:

:musical_note::musical_note: “I know I’m not the only one” :musical_note::musical_note:

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Something’s not right since the latest update. Barely getting ads and when I do its nearly always the same one (Ionos) and when I click it tells me they’re not a verified advertiser so I don’t get a reward. This keeps happening for the last couple of weeks now on both windows and android. I’ve also stopped synching because it was that update when all my troubles started! It worked perfectly until then.

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