Ability to click into maps on location search

I often search locations quickly in the search bar. Searching something like “los angeles ca” and then the pop up on the right hand side gives an overview on the location, including a maps location. In Google, you could click that map location and it brings up the location in google maps and so far this has been my biggest issue with brave search. The maps location is in same place but doesn’t do anything when you click it. On top of that doing a search like that doesn’t have a maps option as a top search so I often have to then just search for a maps site (like google maps) then look it up.

Maybe it would be useful to change the category to “feature requests” to allow other users to vote for it.

“Map” used to be there in the app right next to “videos”, at the top. It is still there in the web browser. I am not sure what has happened to it. I miss it terribly as well.

Number one missing feature in Brave Search imo
Also see WHat If Brave Make Brave Maps