A few miscellaneous bugs (PDF, Google Drive, crashes)

Good morning,

As I installed the latest version of Brave about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I have experienced a few disturbing bugs that required me to switch to Firefox for some specific actions. Here is a quick list:

-I can’t read PDF files without downloading them, even though the option that enables PDF downloads is unchecked in my settings

-I can’t read a video on Google Drive. It worked with Firefox, so I guess it’s some kind of compatibility issue between Brave and the video reader of Google Drive
here is a screenshot

-and finally I had some crashes of youtube pages while they were being loaded, I had to refresh with F5 for the page to work.

(I also experienced this problem using spotify, where the next music just wouldn’t play, and i had to refresh the spotify page since clicking on the music wouldn’t even play . However I don’t know if the problem comes from Brave, or from the fact that I don’t have Spotify Premium, and my ad blocker prevents an ad to be played freezing the page. )

Otherwise, the browser is as performing as usual

Hoping this will be fixed soon :wink:

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