A Button that Allows Users to Reconcile/Cash-out Their Earings Once in a Month

By design, some of the earnings of a month don’t get reconciled by the month end and are rolled over into next month. Here, I think, a button can be provided that may be appear/become clickable in the end of the month (may be one or two days before) that can allow the user to cash-out all their current earnings once. Some may choose to do it in the last hour of the month to fully cash-out their earnings. The reconciled/cash-out earnings will be the payout.

Although still some earnings, mainly failed-confirmations would still roll-over but the amount would be too small generally. And maybe failed-confirmations should be cleared after a week or so when they don’t get processed. And users will need some consolation that their current earnings may get reduced by some amount occasionaly. :grin:

There doesn’t appear a light at the end of the tunnel. Requested feature would be more user empowing, though.